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2022 Boat Offer Terms & Conditions


The Purchaser will receive a new Boat valued at $30,000 when is purchasing a new manufactured home in a Palm Lake Resort* after 1 January 2022 at the listed recommended retail price for the home. Palm Lake Works have agreed to include with the new manufactured home purchased by the purchaser a Boat including 12 months registration and insurance on the following terms and conditions.

*This offer only applies to the following resorts:

Operative Provisions


A Purchaser purchasing a new manufactured home in a Palm Lake Resort must purchase the home at the then current listed recommended retail price or above for this offer to apply. A Purchaser’s contract for the purchase of a new manufactured home must be unconditional by the end of this offer. A Purchaser’s contract for the purchase of a new manufactured home must be signed and dated during the offer period. The free Boat offer does not apply to any Purchasers who entered into a contract that is dated prior to 1 January 2022 to purchase a new manufactured home. The free boat offer is not offered in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or discounts offered by Palm Lake Works.


The purchaser acknowledges, agrees and understands that it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that at all times the Purchaser’s ownership, use and storage of the Boat is in accordance with the Park Rules and Site Agreement and all applicable Federal and State laws, by-laws and regulations governing the ownership, registration and operation of marine vessels in the State by which the manufactured home and Boat are located. The Purchaser further acknowledges that ownership and operation of the Boat is at all times at the risk of the Purchaser and the Purchaser shall indemnify Palm Lake Works for any and all claims, loss or damage Palm Lake Works or any of its employees, representatives or agents may suffer as a result of the Purchaser’s ownership and/or operation of the Boat.

The Purchaser agrees to pay all ongoing costs associated with maintenance, registration, upkeep, storage and insurance for the Boat.

Boat includes the following:

Palm Lake Works reserves the right to withdraw or change promotion without notice.

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