Fern Bay Top Dollar Effort for Harry’s House

In 2014, Palm Lake Resort resident Maria Smith identified an opportunity for the then, newly formed craft group at Palm Lake Resort Fern Bay to support a local charity. She learnt of the wonderful work done by David and Samantha Meyn in memory and honour of their eldest son, Harry.

The Meyns started the Harry Meyn Foundation in memory of their son who lost his life to a brain tumor at age seven. In 2011, the foundation established Harry’s House at Stockton – a retreat for families with a child living with cancer or families that have lost a child to cancer. Since that time, Harry’s House has helped many families cope with a cancer diagnosis and/or grieve for a child lost. The help they provide is at no cost to the families.

The Palm Lake Resort Fern Bay craft girls have handmade and donated many wonderful gifts to the Meyns’ cause and saw another opportunity recently to extend on their support of this charity.

Since the Oasis bar opened in the Sports Club, bottle tops have been thrown into a plastic container with the threat that, one day, a competition would be held to guess the number of bottle tops collected. When the container was overflowing recently, an idea was germinated over a couple of coldies to hold a fundraiser for Harry’s House. During the month of March, residents paid $1 per entry to guess the total number of bottle tops in the container. Palm Lake Resort Fern Bay resident and teacher Judy Adams had her Year 5 students confirm the total number of bottle tops as 6122. Cash prizes of $100, $50 and $25 for first, second and third place respectively were issued with several winners donating their prizes back to Harry’s House.

In the end, the Bowlers and the Residents’ Committee generously contributed substantial amounts and the final cheque presented to David and Samantha at a special dinner was $2000. What a wonderful effort by all!