Green Thumbs

Early on most Saturday mornings, while the dew is still visible on the lettuce leaves, members of the Palm Lake Resort Upper Coomera Garden Club wander down to the resort veggie patch to tend to their prized garden.

The vegetable garden was set up some time ago and has grown over time as the enthusiasm of Garden Club members has grown. Many improvements have been noted such as the addition of raised garden beds allowing easier access, improvements to the soil to encourage growth and good drainage, and overhead netting and ground cover to minimise pest and weed invasion.

All types of vegetables are grown in the resort veggie patch and flourish due to the gardeners’ attention to detail and vast knowledge. For example, the lemon tree was not doing well in its shaded position under other trees so was transplanted into the garden and is now flourishing and producing large, juicy fruit. The tomatoes are huge right now, but due to recent weather require a little more sunshine to ripen up. And the taste of the vegetables and fruits produce from the patch can’t be compared, having being naturally and organically grown.

Along with weeding, replenishing and tending to the compost bin, new ideas are traded and new ways of growing crops are discussed and tried by club members during their morning activity. Once the garden has received a little bit of love, members amble over to the Clubhouse for a cuppa and a further catch-up and chat to discuss what jobs need to be done next time. Other residents also pitch in, getting rid of their kitchen food scraps in the compost bin and helping to sprinkle a bit of water on the garden as it needs it. If you are interested in joining the Garden Club and learning from its members, simply join in on any Saturday morning or enquire at reception.