Line Dancing Ladies. Learning, with Laughs

Every Wednesday morning, you’ll hear upbeat music and loads of laughs coming from the Clubhouse and it’s a sure sign that the Palm Lake Resort Upper Coomera line dancing ladies are at it again – having fun while they stay active and take part in the skilled and enjoyable art of line dancing.

Libby (Villa 56) is the resort’s resident line dancing instructor and has been running the group for some years now.

“As we age, issues of balance when changing direction and concentration arise. Line dancing is an excellent and fun way to maintain these skills,” Libby explains. “Also, learning together while having fun is a great way for our neighbours to form friendships. Our accomplished dancers encourage and support our learners whilst revisions of the beginner dances are a benefit to all. Dancers learn at a steady pace to encourage confidence.”

Line dancing sure is a wonderful way to exercise the body to keep fit and flexible while also keeping the brain active by learning and memorising the steps. And it’s all done to the enjoyable sounds of rock ‘n roll and other upbeat music. Songs range from Elvis’s catalogue to more romantic tracks. Other Scottish tunes add to the atmosphere and excitement.

The sessions start with gentle movements concentrating on breathing and work up in pace. The different levels of agility and fitness are accommodated without proving strenuous. Then the class winds down with some meditation and relaxation time at the end. And, of course, after all that activity and laughs, there is always time made after class to share a cup of coffee and more chatter. Libby encourages anyone interested in trying out the sport to come along to class on any Wednesday.