Pets in the 21st Century

As the kids grow up and leave the family nest, many turn to four-legged friends to fill the void. It’s never been easier to look after your furry friend than now…

It’s the 21st Century and there’s never been a more exciting time to be alive. We have robotic vacuums doing our dirty work, we talk to Siri on our smartphones when we have any questions, and we can even remotely control our appliances, lights and more while we are away from home. So, the automation of pet ownership should come as no surprise. According to Queensland University of Technology marketing expert Dr Edwina Luck, our love for pets and willingness to make sure they are looked after 24/7 led to Australians spending more than $12 million on our pets in 2016 with that figure continuing to rise.

“Spoilt pets are sending their owners broke but Australians say their furry friends are worth every cent,” Edwina says. “Pets are the centre of some people’s worlds and they are willing to sacrifice luxury items, brand names and might even allow their health and finances to suffer for the sake of their beloved pets.”

Among the most popular gadgets hitting the pet market in modern times, most offer ways to automate pet ownership – including tech that feeds and plays with pets while their owners aren’t home. Ready Pet Go director Neil Smith says his business focuses on enhancing the lives of pets and their owners.

“Many busy pet owners are looking to automate aspects of pet ownership to make sure their pets are entertained and cared for around the clock,” Neil says. “Pet automation can also minimise the time we spend cleaning up after our pets making pet ownership more enjoyable.”


New-age pet must-haves

Automatic pet feeders: Automatic feeders ensure our pets are fed the right amount of food, at the right time.

CatGenie: One of the newest pet automation innovations in Australia, CatGenie is essentially a self-flushing cat toilet that stops pet owners from ever having to touch cat litter again. CatGenie does the dirty work for cat owners (pictured below).

Automatic ball launchers: Keep your dog entertained and fit even when you’re not home with an automatic ball launcher. It’s the perfect way to help keep your dog out of mischief and also give your throwing arm a rest!