Palm Lake Resort have even been highly praised by the Queensland Government as first-class operators, and the leaders in mature aged living.

Each and every time Palm Lake Resort bring a new resident to live at one of our Lifestyle Resorts there is a strong focus on integrating people into a community spirit. Palm Lake Resort are simply the provider of facilities and locations for you to fulfill a lifestyle comprised of less work and more play.

Palm Lake Resort understand the importance of a simplified more worry free life and enjoy delivering these benefits via security gated and screened homes plus the added peace of mind of a duress button at each location.

Choosing to live at a Palm Lake Resort does come with the difficult decision of leaving your family home however so does travelling Australia or the world. The added benefits are that you don’t come back to grass to mow, fences to mend or worse. Leaving these worries behind has been one of the biggest draw cards for our residents and many of our residents still have the family around for visits between travel plans.

Downsize your home and upsize your lifestyle with a move to a Palm Lake Resort.