Environmental Policy

About | Palm Lake Resort

At the Palm Lake Group we are committed to endeavouring to protect and enhance the natural and built environment. We recognise that a successful future for our business is dependent on the sustainability of the environments, communities and economies in which we operate. We care about the environment our projects are located in and the potential impacts our activities could have during construction as well as operational phases.

We commit to our goal to protect the environment by:

  • Adhering to all relevant environmental legislative requirements by adopting the highest environmental standards in all areas of our business.
  • Ensuring all environmental policies and plans utilised in our business have been prepared by suitably qualified professionals and are reviewed as necessary.
  • During the design phase of a project, ensuring each home is designed and sighted to take advantage of natural light and airflow, delivering energy efficiency through design.
  • During planning phase, recognising the range of community aspirations and social values associated with our sites.
  • Ensuring that our projects incorporate sustainability design principles, technologies, and features which promote the wellbeing of both our residents and employees.
  • Aspiring to use responsibly sourced materials where possible as well as use all materials in an efficient manner to minimise waste.
  • During operation, incorporating environmental considerations in our decisions and implementing management plans as required.
  • Working collaboratively with regulators and all levels of government to comply with legislative, regulatory and other requirements, including conditions of approvals that relate to the environmental aspects of our operations.
  • Seeking to limit consumption of natural resources in daily operations, including water, paper and energy.
  • Protecting, restoring and enhancing natural environmental systems and associated biodiversity in the regions in which we operate consistent with management plans and approvals.
  • Providing our employees with the information, training and support necessary to meet our environmental performance objectives.
  • Working with our suppliers and contractors so that they understand our environmental performance objectives.
  • Encouraging environmentally responsible actions and behaviours among our Homeowners and communities.
  • Striving to continually improve the Palm Lake Group’s sustainable practices through all phases of our projects, from planning through to operation, to ensure minimal impacts to the environment.

Scott Elliott
Managing Director