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Experience opulence and luxury at the hottest address in Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes, the Belleair Country Club. Awe-inspiring country clubs have become a signature of Palm Lake Resort’s and the Belleair is a stunning example of the ideal community setting.

Choose between sophisticated spaces to relax, invigorating and challenging activities, or creative and artistic fulfilment, from the first-class sporting and leisure facilities. The Belleair is sure to become the centre to your new life at Palm Lake Resort.

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Engineered Fitness

The Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes gym is a masterpiece in movement from world leading German brand, Milon. Blending the best in electronic resistance fitness equipment with the latest science of exercise, Milon’s advanced technology is like having an elite sports trainer by your side.

A personal smart card stores your individual training data, allowing you to create a plan that links across all machines to achieve the goals for your own health situation. Find fun and fitness using smart training equipment designed to suit you.

  • Fast, automatic, and accurate equipment settings
  • Motivation via detailed progress monitoring
  • Detailed training data analysis
  • Capability to view your training data from any computer, laptop or mobile device

Tenpin Bowling Alley

If you prefer bowling of the tenpin kind, show off your striking skills at Belleair’s private bowling alley. Here, the best lane technology on offer in Australia is teamed with luxe furnishings to offer the best in quality and style to your bowling experience.

Step out and create some competition by banding together with your friends over a game (or three). With state-of-the-art automatic scoring, squabbles should be kept to a minimum and fun set to all-time.

Eight-rink undercover bowling green

Find the perfect green at Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes undercover eight-rink bowling facility.

The world-class rinks are laid with Olympic-standard Greengauge woven surface for flatness, strength, and durability, to keep your ball true (and help make you a Belleair bowling star). The detailed craftsmanship of our rinks also includes an expertly engineered Sportcrete base as the foundation for bowling excellence.

The adjoining Rhodes Sport Club comes equipped with a billiards room, fully licenced bar, golf simulator and more, perfect for some post-game analysis and celebrations over refreshments. Prepare yourself for a smooth bowling experience and first-rate performance.

Luxury leisure, all day everyday

When you purchase a Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes home, you get more than just a luxury abode, the world-class facilities and lifestyle available to you here are second to none. Fill your diary with everything, or simply sit back and relax. It’s entirely your choice…

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