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All Rhodes lead to fun

For Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes homeowners, staying active will be made even easier thanks to the brand new Rhodes Sports Club, opening in May

There’s a proven link between staying active to remain healthier later in life which is why the homeowners of Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes are in a prime position to thrive. In May, the highly anticipated Rhodes Sports Club will throw open its doors with a wealth of sporting opportunities awaiting in and around it. While the major focus of this new community facility and its associated sporting precinct will be a championship eight-rink undercover lawn bowls green, the sporting opportunities for homeowners will not stop there.


At Rhodes Sports Club, homeowners will be able to tee off on hundreds of different courses from all over the world – and still make it home in time for lunch – with thanks to the golf simulator room found there.

Golf simulators have been installed across all the newest Palm Lake Resorts, with golf-mad homeowners and rookies alike noting an improvement in their game. The technology, which is used by professional golfers, allows homeowners to analyse their swings, the spin and distance of the ball, their grip, targeting and more.

Housed in a purpose-built room, the simulator’s camera-based machine takes photos of the player’s golf ball as it is hit, allowing the simulator to accurately work out the ball’s speed, rotation, spin rate and where it’s going to fly, while projecting a simulation in real-time.

Users can play a full 18 holes on hundreds of international golf courses. The elevations and surroundings have been scientifically mapped, making these some of the most accurate simulators on the market. The constantly evolving technology is class-leading and can be easily upgraded at the software level, meaning homeowners always have access to the latest technology.

Other Palm Lake Resort homeowners say they have gained a much better understanding of their technique and report that their efforts in the simulator rooms have translated to improvements on the golf course – an important point given that there are three great golf courses within 15 minutes’ drive of Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes.

“My game has improved,” says Palm Lake Resort Toowoomba homeowner Barry Hartshorn. “I like to use the practice mode, which analyses your swing and your hits and gives you a lot of useful information to help you get a feel for what you’re doing. I particularly like knowing about the shape of my hits.”

Players can use their own clubs, balls and tees – just like on a real course – but there will also be brand new clubs for use in the golf simulator room at Rhodes Sports Club so that any homeowners can come in, pick up a club and have a go.

“It’s a great facility,” says Barry. “The simulators are very good, high-tech pieces of equipment and all the information is there if you need it. You can change the settings to personalise the game to your preferences – whether it’s adding more wind or changing the length of the rough – and then apply what you learn to your actual golf game.”


There’s nothing as fun as mini golf with your mini family members – which is why all ‘Rhodes’ will lead to fun with thanks to the new Sports Club! But the resort’s planned mini golf holes aren’t just for homeowners’ grandkids’ entertainment. The facility will provide our more serious golfers with the ability to practise their putt after a session driving balls in the golf simulator room. And if other similar Palm Lake Resort mini golf courses are any indication, we know this facility will be a wonderful magnet for social fun among neighbours as well!


Pickleball is a sport gaining more and more momentum here in Australia – especially across Palm Lake Resorts.

A racquet sport akin to tennis, pickleball is played on a smaller court – roughly half the size of a regulation tennis court. Instead of traditional racquets and tennis balls, the game is played with plastic paddles and a perforated, hollow plastic ball. Just like tennis though, the sport can be played in a singles or doubles format.

Here at Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes, there will be four pickleball courts constructed within the Rhodes Sports Club precinct with eager homeowners already planning the formation of a resort pickleball club.


Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes’ Rhodes Sports Club will be officially opened at a community open day on Thursday, May 23. Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes will host an afternoon of leisure and excitement at the Rhodes Sports Club. Enjoy delectable bites, captivating live entertainment, and engaging activities such as lawn bowls, virtual golf demonstrations, and a thrilling snooker competition. Visitors can also walk through the resort’s award-winning Belleair Country Club and inspirational display homes and, importantly, meet the ‘good sports’ who call Palm Lake Resort Forster Lakes home. Don’t miss out on this fantastic event, place it in your calendar.


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